Online Home Based Business – Mom and Pop Store Or a Franchise?

You have a dream of owning your own business, but you don’t know where to start, should you look at an online home based business, mom and pop store or a franchise opportunity.To start a mom and pop business you would look at your home town and do some research on the variety of business already established, any skills you have, how much capital you will need to invest into the business, leasing of premises, employing staff and a whole lot of other important incidentals to consider, or you can choose an online home based business.A franchise business has already done all the research, has an established brand name, can obtain excellent discounting on purchasing of supplies, group training of staff, back up from the parent company, and many other advantages that make it an attractive option to a budding entrepreneur.Although the franchise option may appear to be a viable opportunity one has to take into consideration some of the down slide of buying into a franchise.The first and the biggest hurdle when considering a franchise is the initial outlay, this is usually a large sum of money to invest. You can expect a return on your investment but that is not a short term option.
It can take several years to recoup the cost your investment.In the mean time you also need to run the business, day to day running expenses, lease of premises, staff salaries, bonuses, incentive bonuses, long working hours, daily commute to work often in rush hour traffic, or to beat the traffic an extra early start. To successfully keep control of staff and the day to day running of the business you need to be in early and leave late.The third option a online home based business, this offers tremendous advantages over franchise and mom and pop stores, an online home based business does not require any large investment of capital. Frustrations of commuting, dealing with disgruntled staff, irate customers, long hard hours, worries of being able to pay your bills on time are all eliminated; therefore a online home based business can offer the following advantages:- Stress free working condition
- Flexible working hours.
- More time for your family.
- No outlay of capital or a small investment which can easily be recouped.
- Opportunities to expand and grow to heights undreamed of.

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